In 2013, the Center for Talent Innovation published its fascinating research findings on “Executive Presence”. A summary of their findings is in the public domain and linked below. 


The Center for Talent Innovation assumes a couple of important imperatives in candidates of what we refer to as a “succession-worthy” or “board-worthy” caliber. These candidates already possess the knowledge and skills to meet or exceed expectations.  Executive Presence is distinct from job performance and it does not aim at what you deliver or the substance of your communication. This is about the style in which an executive does things. How they show up and how they present themselves as they execute their leadership. 


The Center for Talent Innovation also points out that Executive Presence and the development of it must be authentic to the executive. There is a fine and delicate balance between standards associated with Executive Presence and embracing your unique personality, heritage, beliefs, and style in the workplace.  An esteemed associate of ours says it’s about “you doing you.” The Center for Talent Innovation goes on to conclude that “executive presence alone does not catapult anyone into a corner office, but without it even top performers face a severe disadvantage. Those people who exhibit high executive presence and consistently deliver substantive results, while coming off as authentic, are widely perceived as having the ‘whole package’.”


The Center for Talent Innovation attributes the strength of Executive Presence to three critical qualities: Appearance, Communication, and Gravitas.  View the summary finding. 


The Lyceum’s program for Successor and Executive Development incorporates development of these critical qualities in its methodology.