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Lyceum focuses on the identification, recruitment, integration, and development of executives and succession/board-ready candidates for clients in the energy, industrial manufacturing and services sectors. As a boutique, we are able to combine the best of search processes with our media capabilities in a way that serves clients better and faster than any major search firm. We are able to provide differentiated value to clients by significantly improving the ability to recruit superior talent and make vastly improved decisions around candidate selection through our Search Reimagined® process. 

Search Reimagined® Audio Podcast

We feature an optional audio interview of the hiring manager, the CEO and/or Board Chair (as appropriate for the role) of our client company that we produce as part of the search. This allows us to go across different industries and sectors to present the company to the candidate directly, through the perspective of the leaders of the client company.

Fixed Professional Fee

Our fixed fee allows you to budget for the project with certainty. As applied to executive searches, our fixed fee renders us as a true representative for you, our client, through salary negotiations. We have no financial incentive in the compensation package of the successful candidate, and we are financially indifferent to an internal vs. an external hire.

A Strategic and Proactive Approach

We go beyond the people we already happen to know, exploring the marketplace based on the characteristics we are looking for and leveraging our well-developed networks. We open new networks within and across industries through our media channels and our ability to engage directly with top leaders of those industries through our media activity and our board search activity. Our approach enables us to find unique and high-added-value candidates not obtainable through the conventional “work the database” approaches of most search firms.

A Boutique Search Firm

Lyceum is trusted on the most critical of searches in the industry. Our model allows our deep focus on a few clients at a time and enables continuous partner-level involvement on all projects for our clients.

Project Planning and Management

We develop a specialized project plan tailored to your needs. In an upfront kick-off call we plan and agree to daily/weekly activities, deliverables, and key dates from contracting to closing. This enables us to close searches in a reliable and timely fashion. You gain peace of mind in a process that you can rely on and report back to your constituents 

An Insightful Assessment Methodology

We bring a level of rigor to our assessments, evaluating against competencies for fitness to the role and client culture, motivation, and values. We use the proven best practices of behavioral-based interviewing and 360-degree referencing.

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