succession planning



  • Do your board and your Chief Executive Officer have a current plan for succession with specific goals and objectives?

  • Who is responsible for succession planning on the board?  Is it a committee responsibility or a whole-board responsibility along with the current CEO?

  • Are goals and objectives for the succession plan part of the CEO’s performance goals and thereby part of the CEO’s evaluation and incentive-based compensation?

  • Does the board periodically review the succession plan along with retention provisions, considerations and performance?

  • Does the succession program include an interim, emergency candidate plan?

  • Does your board utilize Executive Session oversight and is the succession plan including status of and the emergency plan for succession an agenda item for Executive Session?

  • Does the board get exposure to the company’s top management candidates? Does this exposure include board presentation exposure and informal periodic meetings?

  • Does the board have a rigorous evaluation and development plan for succession candidates?  Have these candidates been able to prove their leadership competency in a competitive setting outside the walls of the company?  For example, by service on public company boards?

  • Are members of your current board qualified to step in as an interim CEO? 

  • Does your board periodically review succession development several layers deep within the company with an eye on succession-readiness five to ten years in the future?